Saturday, 17 January 2009

Improve your mood with colour

The colours that we wear can influence how we feel and how we are perceived by others. I like wearing bold colours in winter as it cheers me up and distracts me from the perpetual cold grey sky. During winter I continuously dress my daughter in combination hues of bright blues and yellows, pink and red and she never fails to brighten a room and have perfect strangers compliment her on her outfit. Just last week she went to a birthday party and I matched her up in a multicoloured polkadot dress with lime green tights and a dark aqua turtleneck which were two accent colours from the dress. She was warm but cheerful on a dreary winter afternoon and many mums complimented me on her outfit.

I recently bought her a multicoloured striped coat which has the same effect on people. Last Saturday her dance teacher could not stop talking about the coat and that same day as I walked in the room with her to drop my son off for his drama class, the drama teacher was simply drawn to her.

I love colour, I celebrate colour …. And it is a perfect way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. For instance red is the colour of love, it celebrates passion and intensity. But red is not a colour only to be worn on Valentine’s Day or at Christmas time. Red clothing gets you noticed as it is an energetic colour. Publicists will usually advise their clients to wear some accent of red when taking a photo as it helps you to stand out.

Next time you are stepping out to dinner wear a red evening dress and see the reactions you get.

Let the next coat you invest in be a red coat and remember to get a pair of Red Shoes. But please do not wear them all at the same time.

Tommy Hilfiger short trench coat

Tommy Hilfiger red corduroy blazer

Eco Shoes from Terra Plana

If a total red evening dress or coat is too intimidating for you then go for accents of red like a scarf, a belt, a funky handbag, red necklace or polka dot ring. Wear your red shoes with a pair of jeans and tie it in with another red fashion accessory like a red hibiscus necklace.

Fashion Accessories from Munique Fashions.

Fashion accessories are a clever way of introducing colour into your wardrobe as you build up the confidence to splash out in colour.

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