Monday, 22 December 2008

Ladies Ski Wear - Look Stylish on the Slopes

If you are lucky enough to be going skiing this Christmas or new year, you want to keep really warm with the latest ladies ski wear. Whilst warmth is your number one concern when skiing, you will probably also want to look stylish.

In order to keep warm layer your clothes starting with a base layer and finishing with waterproof layer such as salopettes and a ski jacket. Ski wear makes use of the latest fabrics and technology to ensure that you stay warm and dry as blue with cold is certainly not a stylish look.

This Roxy Ski wear jacket and pants are perfect for those who like to get noticed. The really stylish spotted pants are perfectly complimented by the red jacket with a matching green lining and you will certainly be seen in the snow in this ski wear.

This base layer and hoody top will keep you really warm and stylish on the inside allowing you to really enjoy yourself on the slopes.

Animal skiwear base layer pant

Animal reversible hoody Animal reversible hoody

As a large amount of heat is lost from your head in cold weather, it is important to keep it warm with a hat. This Roxy ski wear beanie hat is both practical and stylish and will keep you toastie warm.

Roxy skiwear beanie hatRoxy skiwear beanie hat

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