Thursday, 11 December 2008

The demise of the 'It Bag'

chocolate leather handbag 2008 will go down in fashion history as the year that the 'It bag' fell from grace. No longer are women able to afford to spend a months wage (or more) on a handbag. The credit crunch and global economy has had a serious effect on the luxury goods sector and almost everyone is now having to think carefully about their spending habits.

The 'it bag' was a phenomena brought about partly by celebrity endorsement of certain high end designer handbags. As 2008 has worn on, the public have become more and more enlightened (although we were already pretty enlightened) to the fact that celebrities are only humans the same as anyone else. Well perhaps not the same as everyone else but certainly no better. If they can dictate and develop their own style, then why can't everyone else?

The new 'it bag' for 2009 is something unique and individual, not chosen beacuse of its price tag, designer label or that fact that it has been spotted on the arm of a celeb. It is a bag chosen by someone purely because they love it and it really says something about their unique style. I live this chocolate leather handbag it is smart and stylish, adds some texture to an outfit and is an unusual but practical shape.

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