Monday, 29 December 2008

Celebrity Colour Analysis

Have you ever thought that wearing some colours makes you feel like a million dollars and other colours make you look the complete opposite? Everyone has a range of colours that look great on them and make their complexion and hair colour really glow.

If you want to really look your best, you need to find out what your colours are and then use this knowledge when shopping for clothes and accessories. You could pay to visit a consultant who will be able to tell you what they are. Alternatively, you can find out which colours really suit you by doing a celebrity colour analysis. A celebrity is likely to have paid a stylist lots of money to analyse and work out which colours make them look stunning on the red carpet. All you need to do is find some pictures of your celebrity in a red carpet dress. Of course everyone is slightly different and you will never really know if a colours suits you unless you try it out.

So which celebrity do you look like?

celebrity colour analysisBrooke Shields

celebrity colour analysisCynthia Nixon

celebrity colour analysisTerri Hatcher

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If you do not want to wear your colour from head to toe, try wearing a scarf around your neck or a necklace in one of your colours. The colours will reflect on your face and enhance your complexion. If pale pink is one of your colours try this handcrafted leather orchid necklace.
leather orchid necklace

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