Friday, 2 March 2012

jewellery gifts for her

I'm always thrilled to receive jewellery gifts.  I mean which girl despite the many necklaces and earrings in her possession turns up her nose up at a unique piece of jewellery?  I do feel sorry for guys though when it comes to buying jewellery gifts as no doubt it must be confusing for them when choosing that special jewellery gift  for their wives, girlfriends or partners as there is so much to choose from.   It's especially hard if you are competing with jewellery necklaces and jewellery gift sets from past beaus, then you definitely want your present to be that much more a unique and special jewellery gift. 

Buying bespoke or handmade jewellery including exotic jewellery like copper jewellery, leather jewellery, eco or recycled jewellery can help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to gift giving on those very special gift giving occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, valentines, christmas and mothers day. 

A great alternative if you know your loved one already has lots of jewellery is a jewellery box as a girl has to have somewhere to store her lovely and extensive jewellery collection. Again with jewellery boxes you can go the extra mile and seek out handmade jewellery boxes which may make her feel that extra bit special as it may be hand carved and different to any other trinket box or jewellery case she might have seen.  My personal favourite are wooden jewellery boxes.  For a more luxurious gift for her, some prefer a velvet lined jewellery box, but naturally it depends on your preference and budget.   Selecting that unique gift for her can't be easy but just showing that you put some thought into buying her a gift that others will be asking her "where did you get that?" is sure to score you points. 

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