Monday, 12 April 2010

Sex and the City Movie 2 Trailer - meet the fashion personalities

There are few films and sitcoms that I can enjoy over and over again and among others like Frasier and Friends, Sex and the City is another.  Just last night I caught a snippet of the first Sex and the City The Movie again on Sky Movies and always manage to lol (laugh out loud) at the scene where Carrie beats "Mr Big" on the head with her bridal bouquet.  The first time I saw that scene I was saddened but each time after that it seemed hilarious.

What I like about Sex and the City is the glitz and glamour of the fashion personalities of the characters. The characters Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlette are on the cutting edge of high fashion with their Prada accessories and Manolo shoes.

Samantha is the dramatic personality who loves to be noticed. She is a sensual dresser, likes architectural designs, bold prints, bright colours and statement jewellery. Any wonder that she is in P.R.

Carrie is very ecletic in her approach and for her anything goes. She is very versatile when it comes to dressing and can move from vintage to classic to dramatic in a heart beat.  With Carrie it is all about the shoes and everything else is as fluid as her writing.

Miranda is your classic personality and dresses just as practically as the lawyer in her thinks. She chooses well cut suits and classic fashion that never goes out of style. Her only extravagance really is her bright red hair which in the last season have been matched up with quite a few colourful outfits.

And Charlotte, your romantic personality who longingly awaits her knight in shining armour and the whole nine yards. Charlotte the home maker and stickler for etiquette iis your Brie Van Der Kamp from Desperate Housewifes. She is the perfect hostess, always immaculately put together with frills and ruffles, paisley prints, gingham binding, sweetheart necklines and lots of skirts cut on the bias.


Leyla said...

Hi Munique,

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment! I really appreciate it!

I also LOVE Sex and the City... And I'm super excited about the movie to come out... Too bad I won't be able to watch it on the opening day. It's my sister's Wedding, and we'll be in Dominican! But we'll do an all girl night out when we come back to catch up... LOL =)

Munique said...

A wedding in the exotic caribbean - sounds heavenly. Congrats to your sister and don't worry, Sex and the City 2 Movie will hold until you get back.