Thursday, 15 April 2010

The boyfriend blazer

The boyfriend clothes trend has now widened to include the boyfriend blazer.  First it was the boyfriend shirt and tees then the boyfriend trousers including the boyfriend jeans and now we have moved on to the boyfriend blazer.  But the trend has not stopped there as we are now on to wearing boyfriend accessories like the boyfriend watch   So if you are freeling really cheeky why not buy your boyfiriend, brother, husband, or father a boyfriend accessory for their birthday or father's day which you are just dying to wear

But I must say that the boyfriend clothes trend is not new for me as growing up with three older brothers, I did wear my brothers shirts and tee shirts quite often as it always seemed fashionable.  So can we label that the brother clothes trend?  Must say that I didn't entertain wearing their trousers though as I simply would not have fitted into them.  Then I guess the idea is for the boyfriend trousers to be oversized anyway.  

How to wear the boyfriend blazers
Roll up the sleeves in your boyfriend jacket as no doubt it may well be too long.  Additionally when it is nicely lined on the inside this is a great way of showing off this detail.  I always find that inner linings of jackets are sometimes far nicer than the jacket itself and always wish that it was reversible.

Like anything else you can always glam up or rather feminize your boyfriend style blazers with jewellery pendants, metallic shoes, and  unique designer handbags

Boyfriend blazers are very versatile and can be worn with your basic tee and jeans, for a more feminine look go for a ruffled blouse.  The boyfriend jacket is key outerwear for shorts, mini dress and footless tights and leggings the trendier the tights the better.

Where to find boyfriend blazers
Other than your boyfriend's, husband's or brothers' closets you can find boyfriend blazers in a charity or vintage clothing shop.  But of course since the trend ladies boyfriend blazers are now available in your high street stores in your size ladies.  But I still think there is a certain charm to actually donning your boyfriend's blazer.

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lisa said...

I just jumped on the boyfriend blazer bandwagon this year. It's a very versatile piece! Great styling suggestion re. rolling the sleeves up--it's what I do with mine.