Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Valentines Day Gift

valentines day gift, pretty woman, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere Everytime I think of Valentines's Day, I think of that song "Lady in Red" and am reminded of that movie with Julia Roberts - Pretty Woman - when she scrubs up nicely in a red ballroom gown and is whisked away in an aeroplane by handsome Richard Gere to attend the opera.

Oh what a romantic I am!!!! Not all of us can be whisked away on a fanciful date like that but when it comes to valentines day it is the thought that counts or it should be -though some would say wrap the thought if it wasn't about the gift. In the true spirit of valentines day with red accessories being so popular around this time, click here for valentines day gift ideas in red.

Photo from The Guardian

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Leia said...

Oh dear, I just wrote a long reply and it hasn't gone through. Just wanted to say I loved that movie!