Sunday, 28 February 2010

Unusual handbags - mother's day gift ideas

Make your mum feel special with a unique handmade bag from Munique. Uniqueness is different for everyone and there are lots of designer handbags out there and fashionistas or label lovers who simply must have them to be trendy.

woven basket, red handbag,shoulder bagThere's absolutely nothing wrong with being trendy but there is also a lot to be said for the fashion innovators - those who chose not to follow fashion for fashion sake but to develop their own style and have the fashion audacity to even mix haute couture with simply well designed quality fashions accessories. Now there's a woman who exudes confidence in her.

handle bag,woven bag,shoulder bagSo what type are you? Innovator or follower. Me I look for the unique and unusual in most fashion accessories, handbags included. Shape is probably one of the first feature in an unusual handbag that grabs me. The bag must draw the eye and when my friends, family and perfect strangers ask me "Where did you get that", then I know that I am doing something right. What better endorsement do you need than the fact that you are turning heads. I guess that is the dramatic personality in me.

funky bag,tote bag,yellow bagOther than shape, I am a magpie for ecletic design, colour and the use of unusual handles or what some may call funky handbags

handmade bag, handmade handbag, funky bagYou may well find that handmade bags offer that individually design element that you are looking for when shopping for yourself or a mothers day gift. Nothing says I have made an effort more than finding a gift that is exclusive, fashionable and quality.

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Sherin said...

These are gorgeous bags. I love their uniquness!!