Thursday, 10 September 2009

Wear Floral Dresses this Autumn

Good fashion never goes out of style and florals is one of your classic fashion which like your stripes and polka dots is always in. Though mostly assorted with spring collections, floral patterns can become part of what Gok Wan of "Gok Wan Fashion Fix" calls your ‘capsule wardrobe’. Your capsule wardrobe is simply your basic wardrobe pieces which you can build on. Each piece of your capsule wardrobe should be interchangeable with at least three outfits.

Floaty Hotchpotch Floral Dress, Floral Wear

Floaty Hotchpotch Floral Dress

When adding florals to your wardrobe you can choose patterns that already match up with colours in your wardrobe to make them easily interchangeable to create several outfits and looks. At the same time your dress sense may be more eclectic and you may prefer contrasting looks and textures.

Ruched Waist Floral Shift Dress, Floral dress Ruched Waist Shift Dress

Classic styles and cuts of floral dresses, skirts, blouses etc makes for a better addition to a capsule wardrobe as you would not have to worry about the style going out of fashion. Vintage style dresses like this ruched waist shift dress is perfect for this trend.

Silk Cotton Scoop Neck Floral Blouse, Floral dresses Silk Cotton Scoop Neck Floral Blouse

Floral fashion is usually made from soft, flowing fabrics like silk and polyester making it easy to fell dressed up when wearing this trend. Florals are fun, flirty and very feminine and a good fashion trend to wear if you want to get away from the harsh black and greys usually associated with winter.

If you feel that florals are not for you. Then floral accessories are always an option.

Heliconia Earrings, Flower Jewellery, Floral Jewellery, Copper Jewellery Heliconia Copper Earrings

Opalina ring, Flower jewellery, floral jewellery Opalina ring

Orchid pendant, Flower jewellery, floral jewellery Orchid Pendant

Orchid Brooch, Flower jewellery, Floral Jewellery Orchid Brooch

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