Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Funky Leather Handbags

Looking for a funky handbag this summer? Then check out this oval leather handmade bag creation from Munique Fashions.

funky leather handbag, funky bag, oval shaped bag, oval shaped leather handbag This gorgeous oval leather bag comes in vibrant colours to match our summer spirits. All the design elements of shape, colours, patterns, copper handles and beading; works well together to give this bag a degree of sophistication. You cannot help but admire the neat leather stitching that adds extra detail to the design of this bag. The bag is oval shaped with all in one flap which is secured by outer strap in alternating colour of brown leather. Copper handles are highlighted with beading to the side of the bag and tied with leather straps left dangling for extra style element. Bag is intricately sewn using alternating leather strands and is available in a alternating shades of rich browns, orange and reds.

Shop now for this handmade original leather bag.

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