Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Organic Cotton - Guilt Free Shopping

If you have ever stopped to think about the impact of the cultivation of conventional cotton on the environment and the health of the workers growing it, chances are you may have felt a bit guilty about your latest fashion purchase. The cultivation of cotton uses more pesticides than any other crop. Organic cotton is the perfect alternative. It is grown without the use of any pesticides or chemicals. It is a both sustainable and ethical material and a great way to buy into the latest Eco fashion trend. But is it possible to buy organic cotton and still look gorgeous and stylish? We say 'yes', organic cotton is a great way to shop stylishly without guilt.

organic cotton bib front dress
This organic cotton bib front dress is a great way to work understated style. It will look great with a pair of leggings. organic cotton maria waistcoat
This organic cotton Maria waistcoat will look great with a printed top and pencil skirt. An unusual and trendy cotton high waisted trousers
These organic cotton high waisted trousers are really on trend and a great wardrobe staple for every day cotton ingrid gillet
For work or smarter occasions you can't go wrong with this organic cotton Ingrid Gilet French tailored jacket. A very elegant and flattering style for most cotton trainers

You can even get organic cotton trainers. These Volley Cotton Women's Trainers are made from organic cotton and wild amazonian rubber, perfect for Eco friendly leisure wear.

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It is amazing to know that more and more companies are using organic cotton to create various products. Yey!