Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Keeping warm and looking stylish

While we are anxiously looking forward to spring and reviewing spring/summer fashion collections, in comes the snow and we are jolted into the realization that it is still winter. The snow, over the last two days, literally put a freeze on most things. Schools have been closed, trains and buses were not running in some parts of the country and more of this is expected later in the week.

On the bright side it does seem to be getting darker later so we know that spring is on its way. But for now we need to wrap up warm. The key to keeping warm is layering up and keeping your points warm i.e. head, hands and feet. So hats, scarves, gloves and boots are a must in this weather.

Of course we want to achieve warmth and still look fabulously special and stylish.

These AIGLE Leather boots are just what you need to plough through the snow and still keep your feet dry and warm. This is a classic style boot that's always in vogue! It is made of full grain leather cuff and rubber uppers with a rubber sole and 1.5 cm heel. It looks stylish, it looks fierce and most importantly it will keep your feet dry and on the ground.

For a truly unique style this ... loose-tying Lavalière-style scarf adds a romantic touch with it's embellished lace, crepon and fishnet.

This supersoft Chunky Knit Hat will keep heads warm.

These long cashmere gloves are the must-have accessory for style and warmth from your arm right to your fingertips! Great length and extra softness... Jersey knit on the hand, ribbed knit on the arm.

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