Monday, 21 November 2011

Party wear this christmas

I'm looking back at last year's pictures from the Christmas parties I attended and I can't believe how I got it so horribly wrong with my party wear outfits. What was I thinking wearing that blue cocktail dress which did absolutely nothing to flatter my body shape. Pictures do indeed tell a thousand words and my Christmas photos are screaming "that's what happens when you buy in desperation at the last minute and don't plan your wardrobe by trying outfits on before your big party and not ensuring you have the right bra and under pants to suit your attire".

I remember hurriedly hitting he high street in desperate search of party wear outfits last year. This Christmas I'm not going to be caught out. While party invites have not started pouring in as yet, if I'm going to avoid last year's pitfalls then I have to get my party wear wardrobe ready and that means down to the last details of jewellery accessories (necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, rings etc) shoes, underwear i.e the right bra and pants for each outfit and winter coat or wool wrap.

Right now I'm letting my fingers do the walking and taking advantage of online sales and voucher sale codes to find the perfect formal partywear cocktail dresses and casual partywear. If like me you like designer dresses at discounted prices then have a browse on dress for less which offers designer clothes at reduced prices like this silk dress by Traffic People. I'm also taking advantage of online sales from my favorite high brands like Marks and Spencers, Debenhams, John Lewis.

Really the first thing to do is to check the wardrobe for old party wear favourites to see what fits and still flatters.  But us girls simply must have something new even if it is a new unique necklace or cuff bracelet to brighten up and put a new lease of life on an old party favorite. Bejewelled cuffs are a great fashion must have this season and this black wood bangle bracelet with circular 925 Sterling Silver turquoise gems is just what I need to glamourize this silk dress.

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