Friday, 25 March 2011

Accessorizing with copper jewellery

Spring is officially here and I say this not because we had 17 degrees weather yesterday and it's great again today but because my hay fever is kicking in which I absolutely dread but hooray for spring.  On such great sunshiny days there is no way I'm wearing trousers so out came my long printed gypsy skirt from la redoute which felt sooooo good.  My woollen trousers and cardigans only set me on fire in this great bout of weather.

Time to pack away those heavy coats and sweaters and bring out the light denim jackets, my spring summer wardrobe staple. I do love this look with the rust color skirt and denim shirt picking up the blue in the skirt. 

But I'm going to play Gok Wan here and add a brown leather belt or even a blue leather belt some copper earrings and a copper necklace and copper bracelet (my personal favorite being my bali girl copper jewellery set).  Then put on my rose metallic brown leather sandals and grab my oval brown leather handbag or maybe the red for a bit of accent colour and voila I look like I just stepped out of vogue - talk about transforming high street into designer high fashion.  

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