Sunday, 30 August 2009

Ladies Workwear for back to work mums

September starts this week Tuesday and many mums like me are anxiously awaiting the re-opening of schools. It is not so much that I am looking forward to the traffic jams, hectic mornings and mad rush that comes with the new school term, but I have had enough of hearing "what are we doing today?" - which is a question I have woken up to every morning for the last 7-8 weeks.

While its back to school for the kids it is back to work for many mums as well. No doubt lots of mums, myself included, will be busy this week outfitting the kids for back to school. But while you are outfitting the kids for back to school don’t forget to treat yourself to some back to work suits and jackets. You deserve a treat after all those weeks of penance.

Tweed and Velvet Jacket by Anne Weyburn, ladies workwear
This ANNE WEYBURN tweed and velvet jacket is the perfect post summer vacation treat. This taylored ladies work suit is certainly a smart investment outfit that will last you a lifetime and just the style for power dressing at the office. Here are some other workwear outfits to choose from.

Ladies workwear, short sleeve jacketVery feminine fitted style Short-sleeved Jacket from Redoute Creation made from 25% wool.

ANNE WEYBURN Crinkle Twill Weave Jacket,ladies workwear Beautiful, soft Crinkle Twill Weave Jacket with slight crinkle effect from ANNE WEYBURN. The pretty contrasting bourdon trim adds extra style and is very appealing. I know that I'll be treating myself to this suit.

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