Thursday, 6 November 2008

9 Top Winter Wardrobe Must Haves

Winter is nearly upon us and while it may be getting darker and colder outside we can still brighten up our winter wardrobe with a few well chosen accessories. Take your cue from this season's number one colour - RUST - and add your own unique glamour to it. This season's colours are made up of russet hues incorporating brown, saffron, ochre, bronze, caramel and chestnut tones. Magenta and plum are also popular. These are colours that can accentuate any wardrobe and are almost timeless.

In my article on "The Credit Crunch and Your Wardrobe" I talked about building a timeless wardrobe over time and buying quality as opposed to quantity when it came to fashion and accessories. The same principle applies for your winter wardrobe basics which include coats, hats, handbags, scarves, jumpers, crisp white shirt, tights, gloves, and boots. Quality basic clothing lasts a lifetime and usually remains fashionable.
alpaca wool wrap

Commit to buying one good winter coat every year or every two years depending on your budget. A well made high wool blend quality coat will keep you warm winter after winter after winter. Denim and tweed are also timeless combinations. Use this season's colours in your accessories to accentuate and create an essential look for this autumn/winter.

If you already have a few coats in your wardrobe then wrap up warm in a luxurious alpaca wool wrap in brown or black - versatile choices for most outfits. Handmade alpaca wool wraps from Peru are very popular and of good quality. For the fashionista in you, choose one that fits in with this years russet hues and match up with a soft suede handbag.
When it comes to the fit of your coat to suit your body shape, check out Gok Wan's guide to coat at Dorothy Perkins or any other reliable shape guide you can find.


Decisions on what style hat to wear are made based on face shape which is the content of article on its own. For winter your ideal requirement is warmth, colour, texture and how well it pairs up with your other winter accessories. Also invest in some waterproof hats for those rainy days.


This season's accessories speak to creativity and making fashion statements with big, bold, look-at-me-colours. Go for oval leather handbags in vibrant colours. Fashionistas who like the folk trend will appreciate a leather and goat skin handbag.


Use your scarf around your head, neck or even tie it around your handbag straps as an accessory. Again a scarf is the ideal fashion accessory for introducing this season's trendy colours into your wardrobe. To brighten up a basic black or grey coat go for a royal blue woollen scarf. Have a look for some unique handcrafted scarves that will add both texture and colour and have people asking you "where did you get that?"


Go for a selection of jumpers that reflect this season's colours as well as those that offer unique designs. Select sweaters, vest, and pullovers ranging from the classic argyle pattern to solid coloured V necks with double layered cuffs. Alternate between waisted fit to comfortable fit. My preference of quality fabrics includes 100% cotton, 100% wool, fine cotton/cashmere mix; or a cotton, polyamide, cashmere and elastane mix. Remember to include a long knitted cardigan if you don't already have one.

The crisp white shirt is every winter must have. This timeless piece fits well under most jumpers. Try wearing light summer blouses over long sleeve fitted sweaters for added texture and colour or wear long sleeved shirts and blouses under short sleeve sweaters.


Let your tights and leggings do the walking and talking this winter. Stand out from the crowd with a few fun leggings to pair with dresses, skirts, and even shorts. Tartan is very popular this season. Accentuate your legs and outfits with trendy, colourful and chic looking tights. There is plenty to choose from. Just say tightsplease.


You can't go wrong with the classic leather hand glove - again a useful winter accessory for accentuating this season's colours in your winter wardrobe.


For the sexy and sensational look, go for the over the knee or knee high boots. The slough ankle boot looks great with jeans and cowboy boots have made a comeback. Whichever is your hot pick, a good quality leather or suede boot will go a long way to building a timeless wardrobe.

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