Thursday, 23 October 2008

The credit crunch and your wardrobe

At this time when we are all feeling the credit crunch in some form or fashion (pardon the pun), should we remain addicted to buying throw away fashion or should we be building a quality and timeless wardrobe that can be re-invented by mixing and matching accessories?
It is all a matter of preference. For the younger fashion conscious wearer buying five low quality tops seems more sensible than buying one good quality top that will withstand numerous washing and is of a style that could be worn time and time again. For the more mature trendy woman adding to a wardrobe may seem more practical than investing in clothes that could only be worn a few times.

Yes, clothes are an investment. It is an asset like any other that projects image through branding and can label us as belonging to a certain group or class. While it validates by association it also differentiates by disassociation by setting us apart from those who do not belong to the group.
What does your clothes say about you? Do you only wear runway fashion, high street-high end fashion or high street - low end fashion? Or are your clothes as individual as you are? How will the credit crunch affect your purchases from now on? Don't be afraid to mix it up and shop by quality and not necessarily by label.

Here are 10 tips on building a wardrobe on a budget.

1.Remember a wardrobe on a budget is not built in a day but overtime.
2.Visit the sales and discount outlets and only buy items that flatter you and are of good quality. Do not be tempted to squander your money on items you will only wear a few times or never at all.
3.Shop by quality and not by label. Sometimes the high end stores retail the same basic clothing as the low end stores. The label may be different but the quality is the same and half the price. Have you never had persons ask you where you bought a certain item and when you mention a low end brand name their jaws drop in amazement? Yes, low end brands may retail many cheap items but some also carry a mid price range that can be of good quality and value for money even when bought at full value prices. Develop an eye for quality and look beyond the brand name.
4.Do not be a slave to fashion trends. Be guided by them but find your own style.
5.Look for unique and unusual items of clothing. For those who want to stand out from the crowd, if people ask you, "where did you get that?" - often enough then you know that you are doing something right. The internet is a good place to browse for items that you would not find on the high street.
6.Buy separates. Items bought do not have to match up in your mind with an existing item in your wardrobe. You will find the perfect accompaniment to the garment on a subsequent shopping expedition.
7.Don't be afraid to try new colours.
8.Arrange you wardrobe by colour and look at your colours. Interweave the colours and have another look. You would be amazed how looking at colours next to each other gives you a sense of what colours and patterns match up well together.
9.Accessorize your wardrobe with quality jewellery, handbags, shoes and belts. You can dress up simple clothing with unique and striking accessories. Handcrafted accessories are a must if you are looking to stand out from the crowd.
10.Read the washing and care instructions for your garments and do not simply commit everything to the washer and dryer. Quality clothes may not be the cheapest but they can be more cost effective in the long term.

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